Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sea Oats in the Wind

Sea Oats in the Wind by Brian E Mitchell
Sea Oats in the Wind, a photo by Brian E Mitchell on Flickr.

You can find countless numbers of pictures of sea oats with a blue sky and beautiful beach in the background, but not this one. Tropical Storm Lee is still with us and that is making for a very different atmosphere.

The beach is off to my right and the wind is blowing in at probably 20 knots. There is sand blowing all over the place and the foam that is churned up when the surf is high is forming into clumps on the beach and blowing all around.

On a calm day the sea oats are standing almost straight up, but with the wind and rain they're bent over and whipping around like crazy. In a few days, though, Lee will have moved north and we will be back to normal. The sea oats will be standing up again and they, just like us, will have moved on.

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